Calculate Business Days Between Two Variable Dates

In problem solving a scenario I found the need to calculate the number of business days between two variable dates. This turns out to be more complex than just some division and multiplication, as either the start or end date (or both) might fall on a weekend. So here is my solution with a guided walkthrough for how I approached ...

Calculate the Next Occurrence of a Date (After Today)

If you have an event, task, bill or subscription that happens on a weekly, monthly or yearly recurring cycle, here is a formula that will tell you when is the next occurrence (after today). This formula assumes that you have a "Frequency" select property, with options for "Weekly", "Monthly" and "Yearly", and also a "Start Date" property to show the ...

If “Today” is Within Date Range

I have found it immensely useful to be able to calculate if today's date falls within a specific date range. For example, when using sprints to manage my work, I set up each sprint with a two week timeframe using a date property with a range (start date and end date). I can then use a formula to dynamically determine ...

Calculate Relative Date from a Standard Date Property

Being able to see a date relative to today can be super useful, not just to visualize how much time is left for a task, but also to use with filters to narrow down certain date ranges (for example, only show overdue tasks for "Earlier This Week"). Notion's date property has a limited relative date format built in, however, writing ...

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