Stickers of various colors, shapes, and styles stuck all over the surface of a table, representing how Notion now allows us to add icons for database properties and views

Customize Database Property and View Icons

Yet more news from the Notion-verse this morning! We are now able to customize the icons that display for both database properties and views! Aside...
Inside a closet showing a neat row of men's suits on hangers, representing Notion's new feature for recurring templates

Recurring Templates Are Finally Here!

There is some big news in the Notion world today. Notion has just released a long-awaited feature that brings us one step closer to full...
A vintage library card catalog drawer pulled open, representing how Notion can be used to import and manage your reading lists from Goodreads

Import Your Goodreads Library to Notion + Add Book Covers (No API, 2-Click Solution)

Recently, I migrated my Goodreads content into Notion. With that came the need to add book covers, as the Goodreads export doesn’t include hyperlinks for...
A vaporwave neon grid Renaissance garden arranged with Roman statues, representing dynamic layouts in Notion

Shoulder Surf Sessions #3: Using Template Buttons to Create Dynamic Layouts

  Case study: Creating a Pinterest-style pin board. Third in the Shoulder Surf Sessions video series we explore how to create dynamic layouts using Template...
A retro doctor's prescription page with an order for habit tracking, representing using Notion for habit and health tracking

Shoulder Surf Sessions #2: Building a Visual Habit Tracker (in Under 5 Minutes)

  Second in the “Shoulder Surf Sessions” video series, we explore how to build a visual daily habit tracker in Notion. It’s so easy it...
A food log list attached to the front of a retro-style refrigerator and surrounded by food magnets, representing how to build a food log in Notion

Shoulder Surf Sessions #1: Building a Visual Food Log (in Under 5 Minutes)

  I use a few formulas in the video to calculate if the date is within “This Week”, “This Month” and “This Year”. We use...

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