The Happy Kitchen PLUS – Advanced Meal Planning & Dynamic Grocery List System


The Happy Kitchen PLUS – Advanced Meal Planning & Dynamic Grocery List System


Notion meal planning, recipe management, and automated grocery list system for advanced users


Introducing a fully integrated and dynamic system for managing meal planning and grocery shopping using Notion. It is extremely simple and easy to use – just a few clicks to apply your custom meal plan templates and you’re done. Stop making shopping lists manually over and over again. Make mealtime exciting again with almost no effort at all.

The Happy Kitchen PLUS includes all of the features from the original version, but has been adapted with more advanced features for the expert Notioner! The PLUS version exists as an option if The Happy Kitchen original version doesn’t have all the features to meet your advanced needs. Please take a close look at both versions to make sure you are choosing the correct version for your needs.

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Improved and new features:
  • Prep by meal instead of just by day
  • Design full or partial-day meal-planning templates using the template designer
    • Meal plan manually, using templates, or a combination of both
    • Stack templates for super quick meal planning in a couple of clicks
  • Calories and macros provide better information for meal planning
  • Track daily hydration against target
  • Analyze where and why you may have strayed from your eating plan
  • Create relationships for substitute items to more accurately see what you can make right now using the items in your pantry (this has been a highly requested feature and is a complete game changer!)
  • Recurring meal prep tasks
  • Improved look meal cards
  • New minimal look overall
  • Comes with a starter pack of 100 delicious plant-based recipes (double the original version), with nutritional information already pre-loaded
Original features:
  • Designed for light mode
  • Embedded tooltips help guide you through site functions
  • Automated grocery list generation
  • One-click meal planning
  • Ingredients from planned meals will populate your grocery list if you do not already have them
  • A three-day window keeps you from buying groceries too soon
  • Mobile-friendly grocery list – just check items off as you shop and they will be populated into your pantry
  • See meals that you can make right now using ingredients that you already have (instant gratification)
  • Define ingredient quantity overrides for recipes to auto-populate your shopping list
  • View meals by added date, star rating, frequency rate, 6 ingredients or less, meal types, or “surprise me” (random)
  • Click to add non-recurring one-time items to your grocery list whenever they are needed
  • 260 grocery items with icons have been pre-built to save you time
  • Calendar days are pre-built through 2026


Keywords: recipes, meals, planning, groceries, shopping list, one-click, cooking, simple, easy, light mode


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Due to the digital nature of this product, all sales are final. Once you have gained access to the system, I am unable to offer refunds or exchanges. By making a purchase, you agree to these terms.

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What You'll Receive
You’ll receive the dynamic “Happy Kitchen PLUS” system to duplicate into your own Notion workspace. You’ll also receive a demo version, complete with example content. Includes Getting Started Guide, Advanced Customization Guide, and a Migration Guide for anyone wishing to upgrade from The Happy Kitchen original version.
How to Duplicate the Template
  1. Log into your free Notion account
  2. Open the template link
  3. Click “Duplicate” in the top right corner of the template to copy it into your workspace
  4. Customize as needed, and enjoy!
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What People Are Saying

“Great template with a lot of work put into into it to make it simple for us to use ! I bought it about 2 months ago and it works well for me. With all the automatisation, it really cut down the time needed for planning which is really nice ! Plus, I find the new version cleaner and the added features are nice. Would recommend it 100% percent !”

Lorenzo Russo

“What an AMAZING template! I needed some support imputing my own recipes, and Jamie was wonderful in the response, detailing out the various methods I could implement the adjustment. I would highly recommend this template to anyone who is looking to be highly detailed and organized with their meal planning, food tracking, brain-space-saving journey!”

Tristan Martinez

“I stumbled on this template and can’t wait to dive in. There are many basic meal-planning templates out there, and I thought I would have to build what I wanted. I am so glad I found your template; it appears to do everything I need in a meal planner. I am very excited about the Macro counts. I’ll provide more feedback once I’ve tinkered with it. Thanks for saving me a gazillion hours in having to build something myself.”


“Jamie, thank you so much for this amazing template. I have been taking some time to add in my own recipes (and trying some of yours), and I’ve started to use it for menu planning this week. So thorough and helpful to organize recipes, shopping lists, and menu plans.”