The Happy Kitchen – Meal Planning & Dynamic Grocery List System


The Happy Kitchen – Meal Planning & Dynamic Grocery List System


Notion meal planning, recipe management, and automated grocery list system


Introducing a dynamic system for managing meal planning and grocery shopping using Notion. It is extremely simple and easy to use – just a few clicks to plan and you’re done. Stop making shopping lists manually over and over again. Make mealtime exciting again with almost no effort at all.

  • Designed for light mode
  • Embedded tooltips help guide you through site functions
  • Automated grocery list generation
  • One-click meal planning
  • Ingredients from planned meals will populate your grocery list if you do not already have them
  • A three-day window keeps you from buying groceries too soon
  • Mobile-friendly grocery list – just check items off as you shop and they will be populated into your pantry
  • See meals that you can make right now using ingredients that you already have (instant gratification)
  • Define ingredient quantity overrides for recipes to auto-populate your shopping list
  • View meals by added date, star rating, frequency rate, 6 ingredients or less, meal types, or “surprise me” (random)
  • Click to add non-recurring one-time items to your grocery list whenever they are needed
  • Comes with a starter pack of 55 delicious plant-based recipes
  • 200 grocery items have been pre-built to save you time
  • Calendar days are pre-built through 2026

Do you need more functionality for managing your kitchen? Consider The Happy Kitchen PLUS with advanced features, including meal planning using templates and macro tracking.

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What You'll Receive
You’ll receive the fully integrated “Happy Kitchen” system to duplicate into your own Notion workspace. You’ll also receive a demo version, complete with example content. Includes complete support documentation and Getting Started Guide.
How to Duplicate the Template
  1. Log into your free Notion account
  2. Open the template link
  3. Click “Duplicate” in the top right corner of the template to copy it into your workspace
  4. Customize as needed, and enjoy!
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What People Are Saying

“Omg this is beyond amazing ! thank you for sharing !”


“Every once in a while, someone comes along who is both incredibly talented and incredibly generous – and here you are. Thank you for sharing your fantastic resources, Happy Kitchen has been an absolute game changer for me!”

Lilly Beards

“I am a foodie freak and love to cook. Your template is amazing! Thank you for creating it and SHARING IT!!”


“I just wanted to thank you so so so much for this. It’s only been a day but I feel so put together, and have planned our lunch & dinners for the next 7 days. This is the most put-together we’ve been for our meals. I feel so proud being able to look at our recipe “book” and getting a magical no-food-waste shopping list after we’ve planned our week.

This was crazy good. Thank you so much!”


“This is amazing!! You just saved the life of a uni student who’s been living on pasta and take out for a month lol
Thank you so much!! :D”


“Thank you so much x I’m a lazy cook but this one will help for sure!”


“Thanks for the Happy Kitchen template! My partner and I love to cook but struggle to plan weekly meals; this is a game changer.”


“I love your Happy Kitchen Template!!”


“Wow such a cool template! And plant-based recipes? Perfection!!! Thank you so much for sharing it with us!”


“Wow! This is incredible and exactly what I have been trying to find in a template. Thank you so much!!”


“Your happy kitchen template is incredible, thank you so much for making this available!!”

Danielle Johnson

“Just checked off and filled out my food list and now I’m genuinely excited to go grocery shopping so I truly appreciate it”


“THIS. IS. RIDICULOUSLY. AWESOME. Thank you for sharing!”


“I’ve been using this template for the past week or so after finally inputting my recipes and I love you from the bottom of my heart. Seriously. You helped this ADHD brain so much.”


“Thank you for your Happy Chef template! I can’t wait to go through your other templates!”


“Love your templates… TOTALLY needed the Happy Kitchen!”


“Love ur happy kitchen template”


“I need to comment, this is amazing!! Insanely awesome! Thank you for posting!”


“Hi from Hawaiʻi! i randomly came across your meal planner template on Reddit, and have been working with it ever since. Mahalo nui for all of the hard work, as well as the tutorials posted on Youtube and your site!”

Nika M.

“Thank you so so much for this! Plant-based and easy to use, I’m in love!”


“I love this! Been getting it all customized for the way I shop. It’s helping learn how to use notion more effectively too!”


“Thanks so much for this! It is amazing!!!”


“I have been trying to figure out my meal planning system for a week now… this is exactly what I was looking for. Excellent, excellent work”


“This is just brilliant. I have been an outspoken Notion hater forced to use it for work. Then… it clicked. I get it. I’m busy converting my life to a single dashboard page on Notion. I started making trackers and recipe databases and shopping lists… but yours is so brilliant. Since I’m pretty newish with Notion, I have to figure out how the flow fits together and sit with it for an hour or two. But, your templates are amazing.

Not only am I improving my kitchen flow, but all the nagging “how do I make Notion do this?” questions… studying your work is helping me see what’s going on under the hood better so I can up my Notion game. Thank you!!!!”


“Can’t say enough great things about your templates. Happy Kitchen completely got my groceries on track and not eating out. Thanks for your awesome work.”

Jon Barker

“Love the Happy Kitchen template. I was wondering what the trick is to get all the dates to pre-populate. I can’t figure out how you did that.”

Kara M.

“Absolutely OBSESSED with The Happy Kitchen template – seriously, it’s like you were in my brain (and in my dashboard’s aesthetic!). You built the exact template I wanted, and as a fellow coder getting to just tweak to personalize rather than having to build from the ground up just made my entire week. And the fact that it’s also plant-based…ahhh. I could cry. Thank you!!”


“This template is phenomenal!!!

I absolutely love it.”


“Great system!”


“Dude… I would often buy notion templates without ever using them, so I stopped buying them, and instead if they’re free, I try them out. There has been no template that I have ever bought that I use more than the Happy Kitchen databases. You are a saint and need to start charging for this template or like teach a class or something. Holy shit. The databases alone are mindblowing to me.”


“I really appreciate your Happy Kitchen template! It’s super useful!”

Hanna Lopez

“Love your Happy Kitchen template!”

Amanda NF

“Absolutely love The Happy Kitchen template! Thank you for this resource!”


“Happy Kitchen is absolutely on point!!”


“Jamie was amazing in helping me navigate and customize her already perfect template. Such a big help and amazing mind when solving solutions.”


“You should seriously charge for The Happy Kitchen. I have been racking my brain trying to figure out how to create my own version and I was getting so frustrated. THANK YOU!!”