The Happy Kitchen PLUS ★ Coming Soon

Heads up to the folks who already use and love The Happy Kitchen… The Happy Kitchen has sprouted legs and crawled onto land! This is a major evolution of functionality, plus the “kitchen” gets an improved, minimal look that is easier to work in. I’m really excited to be able to share this with the community soon

Update: The Happy Kitchen PLUS is now live! Check it out here.

Improved and new features:

  • Design full or partial-day meal-planning templates with the template designer
  • Meal plan manually, using templates, or a combination of both (see video below)
  • Stack templates for super quick meal planning in a couple of clicks
  • Plan by meal instead of just by day
  • Use macros and calories to better inform meal planning
  • Create relationships for substitute items to more accurately see what you can make right now using the items in your pantry (this has been a highly requested feature and is a complete game changer!)
  • Recurring tasks
  • Improved look meal cards
  • Recipe ingredient quantity overrides
  • Pre-loaded with 100 plant-based recipes (that’s double the original) complete with nutritional information, plus 260 grocery items
The Happy Kitchen PLUS dashboard preview
The Happy Kitchen PLUS substitute items for recipes
The Happy Kitchen PLUS day view preview including macros, calories, and hydration tracking.

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