Build a Relationship Network in Notion, Powered by Clay

Most of us are already familiar with Clay, an elegant and powerful multi-platform application for managing people and relationships. Clay takes the pain out of...
A shiny mechanical robot hand pressing a button on a retro-style orange keyboard on a wooden desk, representing Notion's enhanced button capabilities

Create Automated Workflows With Enhanced Notion Buttons

I’m excited to share a brand new update to an old (but beloved) Notion feature today. The old-school “Template Button” blocks have been super-powered to...
A sunshiny 1960's style retro kitchen with a yellow refrigerator, a smiling wall clock, and space-age toaster, representing the release of The Happy Kitchen PLUS Notion template featuring automations

The Happy Kitchen PLUS Coming Soon

Heads up to the folks who already use and love The Happy Kitchen… The Happy Kitchen has sprouted legs and crawled onto land! This is...

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