What People Are Saying

“Your templates are designed so well with great attention to detail. Thank you so much for the time dedicated and the inspiration!


“Thank you for this helpful and awesome template!”


“Hey, your template is awesome! It’s very complete and helpful. I’ve been using it for 2 months and it’s a complete life saver.”


“Absolutely OBSESSED with The Happy Kitchen template – seriously, it’s like you were in my brain (and in my dashboard’s aesthetic!). You built the exact template I wanted, and as a fellow coder getting to just tweak to personalize rather than having to build from the ground up just made my entire week. And the fact that it’s also plant-based…ahhh. I could cry. Thank you!!”


“I love Notion but with your templates it’s perfect. Thanks for sharing them.”


“Super awesome! I am currently working on integrating my system into what you’ve created. I was pleasantly surprised to stumble across a goldmine of vegan recipes.”


“Well, I just discovered Notion 2 days ago. It is exactly what I always wanted. Today I found your Habitat amazing page and all databases just seem “in one second” so simple and powerful. So I want to thank you a lot for your efforts and for the time you spent to create this page with so many comments how to use it. Just for instance, the template part, the brain page, the tag parts and so on. I live in France and I send you a big thank from Paris :)”


“Thank you so much x I’m a lazy cook but this one will help for sure!”


“Dude… I would often buy notion templates without ever using them, so I stopped buying them, and instead if they’re free, I try them out. There has been no template that I have ever bought that I use more than the Happy Kitchen databases. You are a saint and need to start charging for this template or like teach a class or something. Holy shit. The databases alone are mindblowing to me.”


“What an AMAZING template! I needed some support imputing my own recipes, and Jamie was wonderful in the response, detailing out the various methods I could implement the adjustment. I would highly recommend this template to anyone who is looking to be highly detailed and organized with their meal planning, food tracking, brain-space-saving journey!”

Tristan Martinez

“Thanks so much for this! It is amazing!!!”


“Very neat, very inspiring, congratulations. Your [templates] are both great with regards to frontend and backend.”


“Thank you!”

Lise Dale

“Jamie’s templates provide guidance on the methodology of how to approach getting my content into Notion as well as understanding how to navigate around the application once my data has been entered. Her format, general flow, and interactive/gamified training style are really top notch IMO. The way in which she guides the user (especially myself as the newbie) thru the process is enjoyable and entertaining. And it’s making sense in my mind!! She’s got serious talent!”

Aly Mikos

“I love it!! Thank you so much for sharing!”


“Awesome template… really loved it.”

Vipin Kumar

“Omg, this is amazing. I was setting mine up and ended up with something much simpler, but I’m definitely going to take some ideas from yours. I just have three tables: writings (for chapters and scratch character development pieces), characters, and notes (for world details, plot details, random ideas).”


“This is the smoothest system I have used out of ALL the notion templates I have downloaded. This truly feels like an app. What I mean by that is that I don’t think the average user wants to to see the behind the scenes system, which is what makes Sidekick so great. They want it to be a simple interface and your portal system is an amazing play on the perspective concept and ridiculously innovative. I can see the tentacles of this in other ambassador’s templates, but they still always feel overly complicated, which scares away the average users like my wife and kids from getting too involved with it. I am in shock of how easy it is to use, but specifically, the way SPRINTS are set up is the first time I have really understood this concept and I love it. My wife has even commented on how much I have been getting accomplished and I refuse to tell her that I downloaded your system. I’m just letting her think that I got my act together!

Thank you for this template and for making the price point beyond reasonable.”

Brian Scroggs

“Love the Happy Kitchen template. I was wondering what the trick is to get all the dates to pre-populate. I can’t figure out how you did that.”

Kara M.

“Wow, such a great template! Thank you!”


“Jamie’s Sidekick template is a comprehensive tool designed to manage all aspects of life, including personal, professional, and academic responsibilities. The template is exceptionally well thought out, covering various tasks such as managing sprints, projects, notes, resources, and habits.

Even better, the template is customizable to accommodate different needs, thanks to the addition of expandables like finance, health, and more. This feature ensures that users can track every aspect of their life in one place, making it easier to stay organized and focused.

The UI of the Sidekick template is exceptional, with a clean, easy-to-use design that is visually appealing. The design ensures that users can access different features quickly and efficiently without feeling overwhelmed or lost.

Overall, Jamie’s Sidekick template is an outstanding tool that can significantly improve users’ productivity and help them achieve their goals. Its integration of all aspects of a person’s life is truly impressive, making it stand out from similar tools in the market. I highly recommend this template to anyone who wants to take control of their life and stay organized in all areas.”


“Thank you so much for sharing these awesome templates!”

Michelle Nguyen

“This is beautiful. Clean and sleek, I love it!”


“This is so rad. I was just trying to figure out how I could use Notion for the planning/production of my animated short. Thank you!”


“Thank you for being wonderful!”

Qin (Emily) Ding

“Love your Happy Kitchen template!”

Amanda NF

“Thank you for sharing these templates!! I really appreciate your hard work and generosity.”

Bess Turner

“I came across the Sidekick template by Jamie, and it has been nothing short of a game-changer for my day trading activities. This template is not just good; it’s one of the best I’ve ever seen. It’s simple, timeless, and unbelievably neat. Jamie has clearly put a lot of thought and precision into its design, making it a perfect fit for my meticulous trading needs.

The balance of functionality and aesthetics in this template is commendable. It has brought me closer to achieving a streamlined workflow that I thought wasn’t possible with existing digital tools. Integrating my daily trading activities into Notion using the Sidekick template has been invigorating, and I’m excited about the potential transformations it will bring to my trading strategies.

I’m eagerly looking forward to any future updates or new templates from Jamie. If you’re a trader looking to enhance your organizational efficiency and trading strategies, I highly recommend giving the Sidekick template a try. It’s not just a template; it’s a game-changer!”


“Love this. Have stopped BuJo on pen and paper a while ago but will give this template a go!”


“I absolutely love sidekick! It is so easy to use and ‘minimalistic’. It’s just the kind of thing I was looking for to help me manage the different aspects of my life :)”


“Hi, I absolutely love each and every one of your templates!!”


“WOW. This is really nice work and an excellent template. Thank you! Going into my development toolkit!”


“WOW! This is the most well crafted Notion template/system I have ever worked with! Everything has been thought through to the smallest detail from the intuitive workflows to the eye-pleasing interface. But Jamie’s customer service is second to none. She took the time to respond to all of my harebrained questions with detailed step-by-step instructions and talked me through what I wanted to do. She even wrote the custom formula scripts to fit the customizations that I wanted and talked me through how they functioned. I always got responses within an hour, and I couldn’t ask for a better experience. This feels like a life partnership. Thank you Jamie!”

Frederick K.

“espectacular, great job”


“This looks gorgeous!”




“I love this! Been getting it all customized for the way I shop. It’s helping learn how to use notion more effectively too!”


“I need to comment, this is amazing!! Insanely awesome! Thank you for posting!”


“Thank you for the template!”


“Great system!”


“This is one of the best and most organized dashboards I’ve seen. Great job!”


“I just wanted to thank you so so so much for this. It’s only been a day but I feel so put together, and have planned our lunch & dinners for the next 7 days. This is the most put-together we’ve been for our meals. I feel so proud being able to look at our recipe “book” and getting a magical no-food-waste shopping list after we’ve planned our week.

This was crazy good. Thank you so much!”


“Nice template”


“The best out there.”


“This is the best academic planner yet, I am very excited to use it this semester! I’ve tried many on Notion before but this has the most effective and attractive layout. It doesn’t overwhelm me with information and everything is in the right place! Thank you for creating this template. I recommend to any other students!”


“lovee ittttttt”


“Thank you so much Jamie for all the amazing Notion templates you create! It helps so much saving time!”


“So glad you made and shared another. You are my favorite object author. An inspiration overall (I do read your blog).”


“By far this is the best system I found in my 18 months of using Notion!  I found this template because I had a ridiculously complex hodgepodge of properties in too many databases.  I fell into the trap of “more is better” which is rarely a good plan.”


“Notionthings is one of the top sources for tips and templates for Notion. No-nonsense content, functional and aesthetic. The Premium templates are definitely worth their price, and there are many valuable templates available also for free.

I’m saying this since there are so many Notion-gurus out there who publish a lot of pompous stuff without much content, and if you even want to have a glimpse of the premium projects you have to subscribe to their spammy newsletters, which again don’t have much content apart than trying to sell you something for hundreds of dollars.”

Riia Järvenpää

“Wow such a cool template! And plant-based recipes? Perfection!!! Thank you so much for sharing it with us!”


“Every once in a while, someone comes along who is both incredibly talented and incredibly generous – and here you are. Thank you for sharing your fantastic resources, Happy Kitchen has been an absolute game changer for me!”

Lilly Beards

“Very useful!”


“Amazing templates. You’ve made my life so much easier!!”


“This is going to make my life so much easier. Absolutely love it. ❤️”


“Absolutely love The Happy Kitchen template! Thank you for this resource!”


“Love it”

Candice (cndc) duToit

“I had purchased Thomas Frank’s Ultimate Brain/Creative Companion. For a year, I struggled with how to integrate it into my work flow. I would quit/put it down for a month of two, try again. Then quit again out of frustration. When I found SIDEKICK, it was a like a light turned on. It made perfect sense and was just as robust as TF’s system without being confusing. I was up and running in just a day. I love this approach. AND it’s gorgeous to look at (which is important to me.). ENJOY!”


“I just wanted to start by saying how much I appreciate your Notion templates. You have the most impressive attention to detail of any Notion creator, and that is why you are my favorite. As a fellow Notion template creator, I can appreciate the time and effort it took to create these masterpieces.
In the past, I have suggested your templates to my customers. I can’t wait to tell them that I just recently purchased the Sidekick template, which is, without a doubt, the most impressive template to date. The templates you create in the years to come will undoubtedly be even more spectacular than your prior work, so I can’t wait to see what you come up with. As a user of your templates, I have incorporated them into my own template creations for my personal use. Because of the work you’ve put into your creations, I’ve been able to increase both my output and my efficiency. Thank you for your exceptional work, and I look forward to seeing what else you will create.”


“Thank you for your Happy Chef template! I can’t wait to go through your other templates!”


“I love your Happy Kitchen Template!!”


“This is beautiful! As someone who loves more minimal templates, this is perfect! Thanks sm! Btw, would it be possible for you to share white icons or these icons as png? Would love to use these on dark mode but the black icons can barely be seen hehe. Thank uuu ❤️”


“I like gamification but this is another level! I loved the idea of helper bots, it gives personality to the templates. I always loved and will love your templates, they are seriously structured and neat. Also, I love when there is life in the templates. Most templates are like empty shells, you have to figure it out for yourselves that whether it will work or not, but yours… I can easily see what can I do with your templates. Thank you very much for your hard work!”


“Thank you for the time machine template!! So stunning and perfectly organized. Thank you!”


“Very nice!! Takes all of the work out of setting up my first novel! Thank you!”


“Thanks for the Happy Kitchen template! My partner and I love to cook but struggle to plan weekly meals; this is a game changer.”


“Great template.”

William Roth

“Finally some Notion templates that look like my brain! So incredibly detailed and thorough plus the art you chose happens to be my style.”

Grace Bianca L'Orange

“Your templates are STUNNING. Extremely helpful! Thank you so much for making them.”

Alinelle Roperto

“This template is absolutely brilliant! Jamie has a unique mind that allows her to see things in an extremely systematic way. This skillset is why I believe her templates are light years ahead of the others. I’ve explored templates created by the “big names” in notion template design including Tiago Forte, Ali Abdaal, and Thomas Frank – and none come close to Jamie’s Sidekick Life Management System.

While this system can handle organizing the majority of aspects in most people’s life, her unique Expandables feature makes it extremely easy to integrate additional templates you may need. It comes two Expandables to start you off: Client Manager in the Professional domain, and Travel Manager in the Personal domain – both written with the same finesse Jamie used in Sidekick. Personally, I’ve purchased some additional templates Jamie offers including: Academia (Academic Management System for University Students), Create Lab (Production System for Content Creators), The Happy Kitchen PLUS (Meal Planning & Dynamic Grocery List System) and W. I. P. (Advanced System for Novel Writers). I’m producing a documentary, and plan to implement W.I.P to write it, and Create Lab to organize the actual production.

TIP: Take as much time you need to go through the well organized onboarding Knowledge Base. It’s a great way to understand the ‘big picture’. As you start adding your own tasks, projects, resources, etc. refer back to it frequently to make sure you’re taking advantage of all the features Sidekick offers.

I now have a fully integrated comprehensive system to manage all aspects of my personal, professional and academic life – and I’m loving it!”


“You should seriously charge for The Happy Kitchen. I have been racking my brain trying to figure out how to create my own version and I was getting so frustrated. THANK YOU!!”


“I am a foodie freak and love to cook. Your template is amazing! Thank you for creating it and SHARING IT!!”


“Just noodling around your habitat has answered so many of my Notion questions!  Thank you for sharing the work you put into this.”


“Love these templates, thank you for sharing.”

Celeste De Santiago



“Great and easy going.”


“The ‘Writer’ template is a literal lifesaver. I discovered it through a writing coach’s page and now I’m obsessed with it. Its diverse features makes it easy for me to organize my books. It’s amazing how I can outline my story and see its progress. It makes planning easier and for me, as someone who is always getting overwhelmed with ideas, the template has also helped me be more structural about it.”


“It’s so beautiful I spent hours adding new media but it was worth it 100/10 I RECOMMEND”


“Woah, this is literally magic. We are in the presence of a Notion Wizard.”


“Your templates are honestly just incredible. It’s obvious so much thought and detail went into them. Thank you :)”


“Thank you so much for sharing your awesome templates with us!”

Dianna Nguyen


Panayaa Park

“Thanks for the templates!!”


“Your templates are outstanding. The layouts are extremely well-considered and I will certainly benefit greatly from them. Can you assist with designing other templates, paid of course?”


“Thank you so much for this high-quality template. I love using it!”


“This is amazing… I am new to Notion, and will be using this now. I have one line that goes back to the 1100’s the other lines some have some roadblocks.”


“Nice! 👍”


“You are an amazing human being! Thanks for doing what you do.”


“I’ve combined several of your templates to create my work/life management system in Notion. Thank you for your hard work.”


“Your templates are fantastic and I appreciate the work you put into it. Very well constructed and a life saver. Thank you.”

Adrianne Nwakego Nwagwu

“Love ur happy kitchen template”


“Thanks for Wallet :-)”


“This is easily one of the best templates I’ve ever seen. Fantastic job!”


“Can’t say enough great things about your templates. Happy Kitchen completely got my groceries on track and not eating out. Thanks for your awesome work.”

Jon Barker

“This template strikes the perfect balance between some of the overly complex templates, and the too basic templates out there. The underlying system and workflows are very solid. The knowledge base and demo templates had me up and running in no time! Jamie, thank you for such a great product!”


“😲 Wow – wow wow wow!

I think I just lost the next month of my life to this template!”


“This is by far the best Notion template I’ve ever worked with. If you are looking to implement the “Second Brain” technique using Notion, look no further! I’ve tried a lot of the really popular ones, but there is nothing that comes in comparison to the ease of use of this one. The automations make everything so easy to maintain. And the walk-through instructions that Jamie provides make the set up a breeze. Sidekick is also really nice and soothing to look at, which is important if you plan on using it on a daily basis. Thanks Jamie!”

Jamie Otelsberg

“Thanks for your works!”


“This is incredible! I am going to use it this term :)”


“Genealogy template – genius! I still have a master online database (wikitree) but for storytelling and visualization, this is the bomb!”


“Jamie Butler at it again… you absolute SAINT. Thank you for your work on this.”


“Thank you for sharing your talent and perspective.”


“This template is AWESOME! Thanks for all of your hard work and thank you for sharing it!”


“Wow! This is incredible and exactly what I have been trying to find in a template. Thank you so much!!”


“I love that this doesn’t make you feel like you have to work on a specific project. It just says “Hey, just write”. The minimalistic style is so aesthetically pleasing too. “


“Thanks for creating just what I need!”


“This is wonderfully creative!!”


“Over the years, I’ve experimented with various productivity apps and workflows such as Todoist, Things3, Asana, Apple Reminders, MS Todo, and Obsidian, just to name a few. Unfortunately, none of them proved effective for me in the long run, and I found myself struggling with productivity, significantly limiting my capabilities. I had thousands of unorganized tasks and notes scattered across different platforms, creating a chaotic situation that was challenging to manage.

Then, I stumbled upon a comment on Reddit where someone mentioned the Sidekick Notion template, and that’s when everything changed for me. I almost immediately fell in love with it. The Intake workflow, allowing quick capture of content from anywhere, became a game-changer. I could now do away with bookmarks and other web clippers. Every aspect of my life, whether it’s a task, a note, or a resource (webpage, document, etc.), finds its place in Notion. This template finally aligns with my true way of thinking and working.

I had previously tried the PARA method, Thomas Frank templates, and many others, but none yielded satisfactory results. They were too confusing and seemed to require a different mindset. Sidekick, on the other hand, provides a brilliant onboarding process that explains each part and module comprehensively.

In conclusion, I’m thrilled to have finally discovered the perfect template for my workflow. I’m grateful to the creator, Jamie, for this amazing tool. The price-to-quality ratio is exceptional, and the purchase parity option is a valuable feature I took advantage of. While there’s still a learning curve ahead of me to fully adapt and organize everything, I’m confident that I can now achieve it.

Lastly, to anyone reading my review, I encourage you to give yourself a chance and take the plunge – purchase this template. I’m certain you won’t regret it and will be amazed by its capabilities!”


“Don’t know what to say. Jamie you are my hero.”

Stanislas BASQUIN

“College student with ADHD here…your habitat template has been tickling my brain all day. thanks for all your work :)”


“Hi! I just wanted to say that your templates are awesome!”


“I have been trying to figure out my meal planning system for a week now… this is exactly what I was looking for. Excellent, excellent work”


“Very clean and easy-to-use template, not too much complicated and accumulated model but simple and useful model. Feel comfortable to use it.”

Yan Zhang

“Jamie was amazing in helping me navigate and customize her already perfect template. Such a big help and amazing mind when solving solutions.”


“An absolute treat to work in. This is just what I needed! Keep doing what you’re doing!”


“What an incredible life management template, with a comprehensive set up system that steps you through every step along the way! The knowledge base is so detailed and great to refer back to as you are setting things up which is lacking in some Notion templates as you often need to almost be reading the developers mind to know what goes where. I am really excited to continue using it. Thank you Jamie, I LOVE what you have created here!”

Renee Bell

“Your templates are beautiful and inspiring. Thank you for sharing them freely!”


“Great template with a lot of work put into into it to make it simple for us to use ! I bought it about 2 months ago and it works well for me. With all the automatisation, it really cut down the time needed for planning which is really nice ! Plus, I find the new version cleaner and the added features are nice. Would recommend it 100% percent !”

Lorenzo Russo

“I purchased “Sidekick” approximately two weeks ago and have been using it since. I have previously purchased significantly more expensive templates that while good weren’t great. Jamie’s template is GREAT! I have to draw the comparison that you can buy a car or you can own a Ferrari. As a busy husband, father, friend and executive this is definitely the Ferrari for those who want to get the most out of Notion as a productivity tool and completely transforms the way I balance my family, work, and social life. This template is a game-changer for anyone who wants to increase their efficiency and productivity while maintaining a healthy work-life balance.

The template is incredibly easy to use and customizable, allowing you to tailor it to your specific needs. With its clean and intuitive design, it’s easy to navigate and find what you need quickly. The template includes a variety of features that help you manage your tasks, appointments, and deadlines, ensuring that you stay on top of everything.

What I particularly love about this template is that it is a true blend of form and function and emphasizes the importance of taking care of yourself and your personal life, not just your work. It includes sections for tracking your hobbies, exercise routine, and even your favorite recipes, reminding you to take breaks and enjoy the simple things in life.

Overall, I highly recommend this Notion template to anyone looking to boost their productivity and maintain a healthy work-life balance. It’s an excellent tool that will help you stay organized, focused, and on track, while still making time for the things you love. Give it a try, and I’m sure you won’t be disappointed!

Finally, most importantly is the amazing customer service from Jamie. The included tutorial is the best I have ever seen and within the 1st hour of my purchase I had multiple questions that Jamie took time to answer despite her being in the middle of traveling. Two weeks later I inadvertently moved a master file that “broke” the template and within a half hour Jamie provided easily followable instructions for me to correct my mistake. For this type of support, technical expertise, and passion I cant recommend her products enough; I bought them all.”


“These Notion templates are fantastic! Thanks for all the hard work!”


“Thank you! Your template is fantastic and really helped me start on my Notion journey. :)”


“Thank you Sir, I really appreciate your genealogy Notion template. My research is now much more organized than using Google Drive.”

Michael Harvey

“I’ve been using this template for the past week or so after finally inputting my recipes and I love you from the bottom of my heart. Seriously. You helped this ADHD brain so much.”


“Excellent !
Very nice & easy to use.


“Love your templates… TOTALLY needed the Happy Kitchen!”


“I stumbled on this template and can’t wait to dive in. There are many basic meal-planning templates out there, and I thought I would have to build what I wanted. I am so glad I found your template; it appears to do everything I need in a meal planner. I am very excited about the Macro counts. I’ll provide more feedback once I’ve tinkered with it. Thanks for saving me a gazillion hours in having to build something myself.”


“Happy Kitchen is absolutely on point!!”


“BIG GRATITUDE! Thoughtful, complete, perfectly functioning tools.”


“Wow! Love this!!”


“Thanks! Template is great.”

Tyler Takayama

“This is amazing!! You just saved the life of a uni student who’s been living on pasta and take out for a month lol
Thank you so much!! :D”


“Yesterday I was looking for a Media Hub. Thank you for hearing my brain screams! I was looking for an efficient and tidy template and this satisfies my needs!”


“This template was absolutely incredible. Thank you so much for sharing!!!”


“Your happy kitchen template is incredible, thank you so much for making this available!!”

Danielle Johnson

“This template is amazing. I searched and searched for a functional travel manager, one that actually stores critical information easily and clearly. It also looks beautiful, I can record the functional parts of my trip and keep beautiful memories in a beautiful place. The product exceeds expectation and is well worth buying.”


“Yowza! Now these are some Notion templates! … Thanks for all your work and creativity, Jamie! Can’t wait to see what you do next!


“Amazing work. So much detail, thought and skill in all your templates—thank you!”

Jo Levy

“I wish I could kiss you rn, you just saved my life with your template. Thank you so much 💞”


“Hi! I recently bought your template and have to admit that I am in love! I have tried some other “ultimate” systems and it just never clicked with my brain but between the layout and the amazing knowledge base, it is super easy to move around and shift things from the various notions databases I have been using into this one, singular location. As someone who simultaneously likes to compartmentalise but also see everything at once, this template allows me that freedom with it’s various dashboards. If you look at the various screen shots and feel intimidated, don’t! I promise you that the knowledge base will help you feel at ease and ready to dive in. If you read Jamie’s post about this template and it resonates with you, then I highly recommend you make the purchase.”


“Amazing work. So much detail, thought and skill in all your templates—thank you!”


“Thank you so much for sharing! I am so in love with this one. Never thought I can find a very sophisticated Notion template that could manage my Fitness journey easily and efficiently.”


“Thank you so much! You’re academia template has been a godsend for me.”


“This is the most phenomenal template I’ve ever found. Thank you SO much.”


“You are genius, thank you, amazing human!”


“As a VC and entrepreneur, I’ve encountered countless Notion templates from every notable expert out there. Yet, Jamie’s template stands out not just for its effectiveness and ease-of-use but because it’s the first I’ve consistently integrated into my workflow. Its simplicity is like discovering a hidden gem amidst the vast sea of options. When I reached out with a query, Jamie’s swift and detailed response highlighted her exceptional dedication and meticulousness. All things considered, I really think this is the best template out there and Jamie is def going to be my go to Notion person here forward. Looking forward for more great things to come!!”

Anthony G.

“Thank you for your wonderful work on the Academia template”


“Thank you for puttin’ my chaotic mind into a beautiful format. I’ve been diggin’ the Habitat template !”

Izzy Jane

“You’ve done a fantastic job with Sidekick. I have been using the Ultimate Brain by Thomas Frank for the past year, and I really tried but the interface always felt so horsey and I couldn’t ever get it to feel like “home”. Sidekick does an amazing job with automations built in. I’m not really sure how you do that! And of course it all looks so good. Like a breath of fresh Notion air 🙂 Thanks for giving such a great walk through and explanation as well. Happy New Year!”

“This template is phenomenal!!!

I absolutely love it.”


“This is great!!! One of my goals this year is to make a short film to get a feel for editing and I am sure this’ll help 🥳”


“Thank you for sharing this amazing-awesome template!”


“Your templates amazing, appreciate the work that went into all those concepts”


“Love the template, thank you!”


“I use create lab everyday. Not only is it a great workspace – because of its layout and depth – it’s taught me so much about Notion’s capabilities. Thanks! Onward!”

Jacob Sager

“Thank you so much for this!!! You are a goddess!”


“I’m happy that I didn’t have to build this myself. All the formulas are already figured in for BMR and MET. Well thought out and so useful. Thank you so much!!”


“Jamie, thank you so much for this amazing template. I have been taking some time to add in my own recipes (and trying some of yours), and I’ve started to use it for menu planning this week. So thorough and helpful to organize recipes, shopping lists, and menu plans.”


“I found this so helpful as I am planning my new degree and program of studies! … Thank you so much for sharing this. It is by far the most complete and useful academic template that I have seen for Notion! Job well done!”


“Thank you for creating this great template, I love it!!”


“THIS. IS. RIDICULOUSLY. AWESOME. Thank you for sharing!”


“Really awesome templates! Thanks so much for sharing😊”


“I use sidekick as my central OS for work, and personal productivity. I have built on top of it, and it is super solid both for a first time Notion user with great tutorial features, but also solid architecture to build on top of for a Notion power user. Thanks for the good work Jamie!”

David Patrick

“This is brilliant!

Thank you for sharing, aside from being an awesome template it offers a great way for people to learn about some of Notion’s advanced functionality.”


“This is just brilliant. I have been an outspoken Notion hater forced to use it for work. Then… it clicked. I get it. I’m busy converting my life to a single dashboard page on Notion. I started making trackers and recipe databases and shopping lists… but yours is so brilliant. Since I’m pretty newish with Notion, I have to figure out how the flow fits together and sit with it for an hour or two. But, your templates are amazing.

Not only am I improving my kitchen flow, but all the nagging “how do I make Notion do this?” questions… studying your work is helping me see what’s going on under the hood better so I can up my Notion game. Thank you!!!!”


“It’s nice and lifechanging…”

fikri fadhlurrahman

“Just want to say THANK YOU. Habitat is all I ever wanted to achieve in Notion but I never knew how (even the cyberpunk theme haha). I’ve been using it since the day you posted and everyday I see it I fall in love with it a little more! It’s helping me A LOT, you have no idea!

Cubicle is perfect as well! Thank you so much again!”


“Thank you so much for sharing your templates to the public, it has helped me a lot!”


“Thank you for creating awesome templates that calms my overwhelmed, unorganized mind lol.”

Symahri H.

“Just what I was looking for as new Notion user! Thank you.”


“Thank you so so much for this! Plant-based and easy to use, I’m in love!”


“Your templates are amazing.”


“First time using notion and your template made everything easier. Also, I love that I can made my own adjustments. I translated it to spanish (now I need that Notion can be translated so I don’t end with things like “View of Personajes” xD) and modified the timeline to fit my needs (year based, instead of scene based).
If you want I can share with you the Spanish version, so you can add it to your product :)”


“Omg this is beyond amazing ! thank you for sharing !”


“I really appreciate your Happy Kitchen template! It’s super useful!”

Hanna Lopez

“This is amazing! Thank you.”


“So well done. Wish there was a way to import an existing list of movies, but I think that’s more of a Notion thing that a template thing?”


“Hi from Hawaiʻi! i randomly came across your meal planner template on Reddit, and have been working with it ever since. Mahalo nui for all of the hard work, as well as the tutorials posted on Youtube and your site!”

Nika M.

“Your templates are absolutely incredible. Thank you for sharing them!! A lot of these are exactly what I was looking for but never had the attention span to complete myself, so I really appreciate it.”


“Thank you so much. Me learning stuff has been more fruitful and fun. Definitely a 5/5 ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐”


“New to Notion. Your template was my favorite to start with. I appreciate the work into the scoring of activities.”


“This is hands down the best academia template kit there. I’ve been browsing through dozens the past year and this checks all the boxes for a properly functional template that is actually useful. Many, many thanks!”


“Just checked off and filled out my food list and now I’m genuinely excited to go grocery shopping so I truly appreciate it”


“Sidekick is hands down the most thought out, easy to set up and use Notion template. I love the Knowledge Base concept. Even thought I’m not new to Notion, I still walked through it step by step and set up my template. I have to admit, as an agile coach, I love the concept of using sprints to manage your work across domains! That’s genius! 🙂 I was actually thinking how I want to incorporate sprints into Notion in a way that will make sense, and this is it! Thanks, Jamie for putting out such a solid template. It’s clean, functional, minimal. It’s beautiful but more than that – it’s truly useful!!”


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