“This template is absolutely brilliant! Jamie has a unique mind that allows her to see things in an extremely systematic way. This skillset is why I believe her templates are light years ahead of the others. I’ve explored templates created by the “big names” in notion template design including Tiago Forte, Ali Abdaal, and Thomas Frank – and none come close to Jamie’s Sidekick Life Management System.

While this system can handle organizing the majority of aspects in most people’s life, her unique Expandables feature makes it extremely easy to integrate additional templates you may need. It comes two Expandables to start you off: Client Manager in the Professional domain, and Travel Manager in the Personal domain – both written with the same finesse Jamie used in Sidekick. Personally, I’ve purchased some additional templates Jamie offers including: Academia (Academic Management System for University Students), Create Lab (Production System for Content Creators), The Happy Kitchen PLUS (Meal Planning & Dynamic Grocery List System) and W. I. P. (Advanced System for Novel Writers). I’m producing a documentary, and plan to implement W.I.P to write it, and Create Lab to organize the actual production.

TIP: Take as much time you need to go through the well organized onboarding Knowledge Base. It’s a great way to understand the ‘big picture’. As you start adding your own tasks, projects, resources, etc. refer back to it frequently to make sure you’re taking advantage of all the features Sidekick offers.

I now have a fully integrated comprehensive system to manage all aspects of my personal, professional and academic life – and I’m loving it!”


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