“Over the years, I’ve experimented with various productivity apps and workflows such as Todoist, Things3, Asana, Apple Reminders, MS Todo, and Obsidian, just to name a few. Unfortunately, none of them proved effective for me in the long run, and I found myself struggling with productivity, significantly limiting my capabilities. I had thousands of unorganized tasks and notes scattered across different platforms, creating a chaotic situation that was challenging to manage.

Then, I stumbled upon a comment on Reddit where someone mentioned the Sidekick Notion template, and that’s when everything changed for me. I almost immediately fell in love with it. The Intake workflow, allowing quick capture of content from anywhere, became a game-changer. I could now do away with bookmarks and other web clippers. Every aspect of my life, whether it’s a task, a note, or a resource (webpage, document, etc.), finds its place in Notion. This template finally aligns with my true way of thinking and working.

I had previously tried the PARA method, Thomas Frank templates, and many others, but none yielded satisfactory results. They were too confusing and seemed to require a different mindset. Sidekick, on the other hand, provides a brilliant onboarding process that explains each part and module comprehensively.

In conclusion, I’m thrilled to have finally discovered the perfect template for my workflow. I’m grateful to the creator, Jamie, for this amazing tool. The price-to-quality ratio is exceptional, and the purchase parity option is a valuable feature I took advantage of. While there’s still a learning curve ahead of me to fully adapt and organize everything, I’m confident that I can now achieve it.

Lastly, to anyone reading my review, I encourage you to give yourself a chance and take the plunge – purchase this template. I’m certain you won’t regret it and will be amazed by its capabilities!”


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