“This is the smoothest system I have used out of ALL the notion templates I have downloaded. This truly feels like an app. What I mean by that is that I don’t think the average user wants to to see the behind the scenes system, which is what makes Sidekick so great. They want it to be a simple interface and your portal system is an amazing play on the perspective concept and ridiculously innovative. I can see the tentacles of this in other ambassador’s templates, but they still always feel overly complicated, which scares away the average users like my wife and kids from getting too involved with it. I am in shock of how easy it is to use, but specifically, the way SPRINTS are set up is the first time I have really understood this concept and I love it. My wife has even commented on how much I have been getting accomplished and I refuse to tell her that I downloaded your system. I’m just letting her think that I got my act together!

Thank you for this template and for making the price point beyond reasonable.”


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