“Thank you for the time machine template!! So stunning and perfectly organized. Thank you!”
“This is amazing… I am new to Notion, and will be using this now. I have one line that goes back to the 1100’s the...
“Just what I was looking for as new Notion user! Thank you.”
“This is beautiful. Clean and sleek, I love it!”
“This is amazing! Thank you.”
“Jamie Butler at it again… you absolute SAINT. Thank you for your work on this.”
“😲 Wow – wow wow wow! I think I just lost the next month of my life to this template!”
“Genealogy template – genius! I still have a master online database (wikitree) but for storytelling and visualization, this is the bomb!”
“Thank you Sir, I really appreciate your genealogy Notion template. My research is now much more organized than using Google Drive.”

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