“Jamie was amazing in helping me navigate and customize her already perfect template. Such a big help and amazing mind when solving solutions.”
“Thank you so so much for this! Plant-based and easy to use, I’m in love!”
“I’ve been using this template for the past week or so after finally inputting my recipes and I love you from the bottom of my...
“This is just brilliant. I have been an outspoken Notion hater forced to use it for work. Then… it clicked. I get it. I’m busy...
“I need to comment, this is amazing!! Insanely awesome! Thank you for posting!”
“THIS. IS. RIDICULOUSLY. AWESOME. Thank you for sharing!”
“This template is phenomenal!!! I absolutely love it.”
“Thank you so much x I’m a lazy cook but this one will help for sure!”
“I just wanted to thank you so so so much for this. It’s only been a day but I feel so put together, and have...
“Wow such a cool template! And plant-based recipes? Perfection!!! Thank you so much for sharing it with us!”
“Thanks so much for this! It is amazing!!!”
“Just checked off and filled out my food list and now I’m genuinely excited to go grocery shopping so I truly appreciate it”

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