"Just want to say THANK YOU. Habitat is all I ever wanted to achieve in Notion but I never knew how (even the cyberpunk theme haha). I’ve been using it since the day you posted and everyday I see it I fall in love with it a little more! It’s helping me A LOT, you have no idea! Cubicle is perfect ...

"New to Notion. Your template was my favorite to start with. I appreciate the work into the scoring of activities."

"Thank you for puttin' my chaotic mind into a beautiful format. I've been diggin' the Habitat template !"

"College student with ADHD here...your habitat template has been tickling my brain all day. thanks for all your work :)"

"Well, I just discovered Notion 2 days ago. It is exactly what I always wanted. Today I found your Habitat amazing page and all databases just seem "in one second" so simple and powerful. So I want to thank you a lot for your efforts and for the time you spent to create this page with so many comments how ...

"Just noodling around your habitat has answered so many of my Notion questions!  Thank you for sharing the work you put into this."

"Super awesome! I am currently working on integrating my system into what you've created. I was pleasantly surprised to stumble across a goldmine of vegan recipes."

"This template was absolutely incredible. Thank you so much for sharing!!!"

"This is brilliant! Thank you for sharing, aside from being an awesome template it offers a great way for people to learn about some of Notion's advanced functionality."

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