“Very clean and easy-to-use template, not too much complicated and accumulated model but simple and useful model. Feel comfortable to use it.”
“Thank you for creating this great template, I love it!!”
“This is the best academic planner yet, I am very excited to use it this semester! I’ve tried many on Notion before but this has...
“lovee ittttttt”
“Great and easy going.”
“espectacular, great job”
“Thank you so much! You’re academia template has been a godsend for me.”
“Thank you for your wonderful work on the Academia template”
“This is incredible! I am going to use it this term :)”
“Thank you so much for this!!! You are a goddess!”
“I found this so helpful as I am planning my new degree and program of studies! … Thank you so much for sharing this. It...
“Hey, your template is awesome! It’s very complete and helpful. I’ve been using it for 2 months and it’s a complete life saver.”

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