Create Automated Workflows With Enhanced Notion Buttons

I'm excited to share a brand new update to an old (but beloved) Notion feature today. The old-school "Template Button" blocks have been super-powered to enable more advanced automations! Current Template Button functionality is still supported, but now we have additional actions to be able to create or edit pages in a database, open a page, show a confirmation window, ...

Shoulder Surf Sessions #3: Using Template Buttons to Create Dynamic Layouts

Case study: Creating a Pinterest-style pin board. Third in the Shoulder Surf Sessions video series we explore how to create dynamic layouts using Template Buttons. We learn tricks for how to nest template buttons within other template buttons, and also how to create multi-column layouts within a template button (it can be done!). Watch the video and build your own ...

Simulate Sticky Notes in Notion

Simulate the quick functionality of sticky notes using template buttons. With the use of Notion's drop-down toggles, a large amount of information can be added without using up valuable real estate. Duplicate Notion template

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