Simulate Sticky Notes in Notion

Simulate the quick functionality of sticky notes using template buttons. With the use of Notion's drop-down toggles, a large amount of information can be added without using up valuable real estate. Duplicate Notion template

The Easiest Way to Recur Anything

Notion does not (as yet) have a way to recur date-based database entries. Here is the quickest and easiest way I have found to recur tasks, meetings, reminders and events in Notion. (In this example I will show recurring a frequent task.) Create a new task and give it a due date. Change your task database to a "Calendar view". Right-click and duplicate your ...

Create Inline Tasks Using Mentions

Quickly create tasks or follow ups during Notion note taking without interruption. 1. Create a blank page for your "To Do" backlinks to land. 2. While typing your notes, use the "Comment" feature on a selection of highlighted text, add a task comment. 3. @-mention your "To Do" page. 4. Optionally, add a reminder date / time if you want to ...

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