An old computer monitor with sticky notes stuck all over it, representing using Notion for virtual sticky notes

Simulate Sticky Notes in Notion

  Simulate the quick functionality of sticky notes using template buttons. With the use of Notion’s drop-down toggles, a large amount of information can be...
A close-up of an old record player in an attic playing a record on repeat, representing the recurrence of objects in Notion.

The Easiest Way to Recur Anything

  Notion does not (as yet) have a way to recur date-based database entries. Here is the quickest and easiest way I have found to...
A close up of a neon marker highlighting text in a book, representing this method for creating inline tasks using mentions in Notion

Create Inline Tasks Using Mentions

  Quickly create tasks or follow ups during Notion note taking without interruption. Later, when you navigate to your “To Do” page, reference to your...

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