Recurring Templates Are Finally Here!

There is some big news in the Notion world today. Notion has just released a long-awaited feature that brings us one step closer to full recurring objects - Recurring Templates! Just like it sounds, Recurring Templates allows us to set a pre-built template to recur on a timetable. The recurring options are similar to what we have in Outlook or ...

Calculate the Next Occurrence of a Date (After Today)

If you have an event, task, bill or subscription that happens on a weekly, monthly or yearly recurring cycle, here is a formula that will tell you when is the next occurrence (after today). This formula assumes that you have a "Frequency" select property, with options for "Weekly", "Monthly" and "Yearly", and also a "Start Date" property to show the ...

The Easiest Way to Recur Anything

Notion does not (as yet) have a way to recur date-based database entries. Here is the quickest and easiest way I have found to recur tasks, meetings, reminders and events in Notion. (In this example I will show recurring a frequent task.) Create a new task and give it a due date. Change your task database to a "Calendar view". Right-click and duplicate your ...

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