Useful Notion Features You May Not Know About Yet

I've compiled together a list of the most useful Notion features that I believe everyone should know about, plus some of the most useful Notion hacks to get you by in a pinch. Bookmark this page for future reference! Useful Notion Features Update a property on multiple records in bulk You can edit a single property on multiple records by dragging to highlight ...

Simulate Sticky Notes in Notion

Simulate the quick functionality of sticky notes using template buttons. With the use of Notion's drop-down toggles, a large amount of information can be added without using up valuable real estate. Duplicate Notion template

The Easiest Way to Recur Anything

Notion does not (as yet) have a way to recur date-based database entries. Here is the quickest and easiest way I have found to recur tasks, meetings, reminders and events in Notion. (In this example I will show recurring a frequent task.) Create a new task and give it a due date. Change your task database to a "Calendar view". Right-click and duplicate your ...

Create Inline Tasks Using Mentions

Quickly create tasks or follow ups during Notion note taking without interruption. 1. Create a blank page for your "To Do" backlinks to land. 2. While typing your notes, use the "Comment" feature on a selection of highlighted text, add a task comment. 3. @-mention your "To Do" page. 4. Optionally, add a reminder date / time if you want to ...

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