Multi-Select Progress (Count Number of Options Selected)

Have a lot of tasks or habits to complete, but don't want to create checkbox properties for each of them? Here's an alternative way to track progress of multiple items using a "Multi-Select" property rather than checkboxes. Create a multi-select property containing a list of all of your items. In our example we are using tasks that need to be completed ...

Project Tasks Progress Display

Here's a fun, new way to visualize the status of tasks for a project! We use formulas to calculate how many tasks are "incomplete" and how many tasks are "complete", then display those in separate rows with symbols. The formula to do this is simple. It assumes that we have a "Tasks" table related to a "Projects" table. The Tasks table ...

Timeline Progress Visual Display

Here is a nice visual way to display progress within a timeline using a formula. Our formula is going to require a few different properties to function: prop("Dates") The "Dates" property has a property type of "Date", and uses a range (meaning it has both a start date and end date value). prop("Progress Percentage") The "Progress Percentage" property uses a formula that calculates our ...

Display a Visual Progress Bar Using a Formula (with 15 examples)

One small enhancement in Notion that can have a huge visual impact is a nice-looking progress bar. Progress bars can help you quickly assess the status of a project or task at a glance. Progress can be calculated in a number of different ways - one might calculate the percentage of tasks completed against the total tasks to be completed, ...

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