A close-up of a child counting numbers on their fingers, representing a method for how to track project progress by counting multi-select values

Multi-Select Progress (Count Number of Options Selected)

Do you have a lot of tasks or habits to complete, but don’t want to create checkbox properties for each of them? Here’s an alternative...
Close-up image of a vintage stereo display lit up with amber light, representing a Notion task progress bar for projects

Project Tasks Progress Display

Here’s a fun, new way to visualize the status of tasks for a project! We use formulas to calculate how many tasks are “incomplete” and...
A silver hourglass with white sand sitting on top of a set of project blueprints, representing the progress of a project in Notion

Timeline Progress Visual Display

Here is a nice visual way to display progress within a timeline using a formula. Our formula is going to require a few different properties...
A close up of the display on a vintage strongman carnival machine, representing visual progress bars in Notion

Display a Visual Progress Bar Using a Formula (with 15 examples)

One small enhancement in Notion that can have a huge visual impact is a nice-looking progress bar. Progress bars can help you quickly assess the...

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