Useful Notion Features You May Not Know About Yet

I've compiled together a list of the most useful Notion features that I believe everyone should know about, plus some of the most useful Notion hacks to get you by in a pinch. Bookmark this page for future reference! Useful Notion Features Update a property on multiple records in bulk You can edit a single property on multiple records by dragging to highlight ...

Decision Tree Matrix to Filter by Variable Criteria

Here is how to build a decision tree matrix to dynamically filter by variable criteria in Notion. When challenged to find a way to set a database view to dynamically filter based on variable criteria, my first thought was, "Well no, that's not possible." But then the voice in my head that says that every challenge has a solution stepped in ...

Auto-Increment Table Row IDs

Update 05/19/2023 - I am happy to report that this hack is now obsolete! Read the reason why here. In the absence of a native Notion function to auto-increment record IDs within a database, here is a solution (hack) that may work for your needs. Requires a child database with a relationship to a parent database (in the example I’m creating new ...

Advanced Notion Formatting Using KaTeX Expressions

I've been feeling hedged in a bit by Notion's (lack of) formatting options. My desires are modest - just a few more color options and an additional font would change things so much for me. So I began looking into KaTeX, which is a math typesetting library that Notion supports, to see what it could offer. Here's what I found. ...

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