Build Better Formulas with Notion Formulas 2.0

Today, Notion introduced the biggest update of the year - Formulas 2.0. The Formulas 1.0 language and editor has been completely overhauled, making Notion formulas more powerful, and easier to write and edit. I will outline the major changes and the benefits, as well as share a comprehensive reference guide to help you get up to speed with Formulas 2.0 ...

Convert Text Date to Actual (Usable) Date

If you've ever had a date written within a text-based database property, you've probably experienced frustration that it is not actually recognized as a date or usable in the way that a date property is. For example, you would not be able to use a text-based date in a filter or to display dates in a calendar view. However, with ...

Create a Body Mass Index (BMI) Calculator

Body mass index (BMI) is a simple measure of body size based on height and weight that applies to adults and non-pregnant women. You can use Notion to calculate BMI as part of a fitness management system. The formula that we use to calculate BMI is your weight (in kilograms) divided by the square of your height (in centimeters): The Formulas BMI ...

Advanced Notion Formatting Using KaTeX Expressions

I've been feeling hedged in a bit by Notion's (lack of) formatting options. My desires are modest - just a few more color options and an additional font would change things so much for me. So I began looking into KaTeX, which is a math typesetting library that Notion supports, to see what it could offer. Here's what I found. ...

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