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Time Machine – Genealogy Management System


Genealogy management system


Power your genealogy research with Notion. Track your entire family history and all of the threaded connections between people, places, stories, and events. View when people lived and died on a timeline, and see which people were alive at the same time. Watch family migrations across various regions.

  • Designed to look great in light or dark mode
  • Master people database to manage:
    • Familial connections
    • Alternate names
    • Locations
    • Significant dates
    • Marriages
    • Related documents and images
    • Tags and notes
  • Use the extensive reference library to catalog all of your files, media, location information, and documents
    • Many document types have been pre-built for you, simply choose the document type from a template
    • Relate documents to people
  • Manage undigested information from your Inbox
    • Clip articles from the web directly into the Library database
    • Process and catalog the information (categorize, add notes, relate to people)
    • Mark “Done” when complete, and the task will drop out of the Inbox
  • Organize your family information in numerous ways to visualize connections between people, places, dates, and events
    • Group people by their country of birth or death, see how people clump together in certain locations, observe migrations
    • View life spans on a timeline, see who was alive during different eras of history and who else was alive during that time
  • Quickly capture notes, tasks, or information snippets onto your sticky note wall. Organize sticky notes by tag. Archive notes that are no longer needed

Keywords: genealogy, family tree, research, history, documentation




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What You'll Receive
You’ll receive the robust “Time Machine” genealogy management system to duplicate into your own Notion workspace. You’ll also receive a demo version, complete with example content. Includes complete support documentation and getting started guide.
How to Duplicate the Template
  1. Log into your free Notion account
  2. Open the template link
  3. Click “Duplicate” in the top right corner of the template to copy it into your workspace
  4. Customize as needed, and enjoy!
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“This is amazing… I am new to Notion, and will be using this now. I have one line that goes back to the 1100’s the other lines some have some roadblocks.”


“Thank you for the time machine template!! So stunning and perfectly organized. Thank you!”


“Jamie Butler at it again… you absolute SAINT. Thank you for your work on this.”


“Thank you Sir, I really appreciate your genealogy Notion template. My research is now much more organized than using Google Drive.”

Michael Harvey

“Genealogy template – genius! I still have a master online database (wikitree) but for storytelling and visualization, this is the bomb!”


“This is amazing! Thank you.”



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