N o t i o n is so much more than just a task management or note-taking tool. It's an incredibly versatile platform that can be customized to suit your needs, from the very simple to the highly advanced. Browse through the Notion templates below to find a solution that works for you. Duplicate it into your workspace, customize it to your particular "flavor", and go!

I've designed these systems with great thought and attention to detail so that you can get the most from them straight out of the box. I also use many of these solutions myself as part of one integrated Notion system "to rule them all".

Sidekick – Domains of Life Management System

Workflow-based system to manage the core domains of life – personal, professional, and academic

Meet your Sidekick, the foundational system that assists you with managing all aspects of your life, work, and educational pursuits. More than just a “second brain” repository, the Sidekick system is designed to be action-based and dynamic – to keep what’s relevant and important where you need it, at just the right time.



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Don't go solo. Navigate all the complexities of life with your Sidekick. Now available