Annual Download Packs

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Each copy of The Happy Kitchen comes with three years of meal planning days already built in. When those run out you may get more here! I publish new .CSV packs of meal planning days each year with instructions for easy import. For your convenience, I’m publishing packs all the way through 2026 if you prefer to load up to three years in advance.

Meal Planning Days 2023 | Download
Meal Planning Days 2024 | Download
Meal Planning Days 2025 | Download
Meal Planning Days 2026 | Download

Instructions for Easy Import #

  1. From The Happy Kitchen dashboard, click on the “Planning” link (titled “Meal Planning” in The Happy Kitchen PLUS version)
  2. On the Meal Planning database, click the expand arrows near the blue “New” button to open the database in a full page
  3. Select the “All Future Dates (Table)” view
  4. Click the ellipsis (three dots) in the absolute top-right corner of the page
  5. Select “Merge with CSV”
  6. Select the Meal Planning Days .CSV file from where you’ve saved it on your hard drive

That’s it. You’re all set for another year!