Getting Started

The Travel Manager is a module that allows you to plan for and keep historical record of your travels. This documentation is for the standalone version of the Passepartout Travel Manager. Documentation for the Sidekick system’s fully integrated version of the Travel Manager is included in the Sidekick Knowledge Base.

Adding Destinations (Bucket List) #

Destinations are locations that you want to travel to. Destinations can be regions or even specific cities. Destinations that are added without a corresponding travel trip will automatically be added to your Bucket List.

  1. Click on the “Destinations” link in the navigation section of the dashboard
  2. Click “New” in the table to add a new row
  3. Enter the name of the destination
  4. Search for and select the country and the continent that the destination belongs to
  5. Optionally, enter a US state
  6. Optionally, enter a full address OR latitude and longitude for the location (this will add the destination to a dynamic map)
  7. If this is a location that you’ve visited in the past, manually add the number of times that you’ve visited into the “Manual Add” property. This will move the destination from your bucket list to your places visited list

Adding a Dynamic Map #

Destinations can be added to a dynamic map using the third party tool Notion Maps offer users one free map that can be embedded into your Travel Manager dashboard or other location in Notion. To create your own map:

  1. Create an account at and sign in
  2. On the Permissions screen, choose “Select Pages”
  3. Search for and select the “Travel Manager” Notion page
  4. Select “Allow Access”
  5. Click the option to “Create a new map”
  6. In the database select field, select the “Travel Manager.Destinations” database
  7. Choose a new name for your map (i.e. “Places”)
  8. Select if you want the map to load by address or by coordinates
  9. Choose the corresponding columns of the database that match your selection from the previous step
  10. Click the button to “Create my map”
  11. Copy the “Unique Map Address” into your clipboard
  12. Paste the “Unique Map Address” as an embed into the place in Notion where you want the map to appear. Tip – you can paste this into multiple locations!
  13. Adjust the width and height to match your viewing preference

Creating Packing Lists by Trip Type #

When you plan a trip, you are able to select the type of trip to load your packing list automatically. If this is the first time using the Travel Manager, you will want to build your trip types and default packing lists. Some example items have been pre-loaded for you. Add more to complete this list.

  1. Click on the “Planning” link in the navigation section of the dashboard
  2. Click to open the “Packing Wizard” page link
  3. Navigate to the “Trip Types” section of the page
  4. Click “New” to create a new trip type using the “New Trip Type” default template
  5. Name the trip type
  6. Continue creating additional trip types for all of the types of trips that you may take (for example, “International”, “Weekend”, “Road Trip”, “RV Camping”)
  7. Navigate to the “All Items” section of the page
  8. Enter your own packing items and associate each item with the applicable trip types to complete the list

Planning a Trip