Create Automated Workflows With Enhanced Notion Buttons

I’m excited to share a brand new update to an old (but beloved) Notion feature today. The old-school “Template Button” blocks have been super-powered to enable more advanced automations! Current Template Button functionality is still supported, but now we have additional actions to be able to create or edit pages in a database, open a page, show a confirmation window, and chain multiple actions together. Add the new block by typing your slash command and “button”.


Take a peek at the options:

Each of these options comes with its own subset of options. For example, “Edit pages in…” allows you to select pages within a database using filter logic. The “Open page” option allows you to specify if you want to open the page in center peek, side peek, or full page mode. There’s so much more. Mix and match these options to create frictionless workflows, save clicks, and improve user experience.

Read on for some examples of ways the new buttons can be used.

Bulk Task Operations

Automatically add default subtasks to a project or parent task

We can now eliminate any clunky drag & drop workflows we may have been using for adding default subtasks to a project or parent task. Pre-defined subtasks can now be added automatically:

“Nudge” project and task dates
Perform an action, then open a new page

Those using the Sidekick – Domains of Life Management System after today will experience the new buttons within the Knowledge Base. Quick buttons at the end of the chapter now allow you to mark the chapter as complete and continue to the next chapter. This eliminates scrolling and unnecessary clicks.

Some additional ways to use button blocks:
  • Open non-database pages in side-peek mode
  • Mark all tasks due today as complete, and add a completed timestamp
  • Add a pre-defined meal to your tracker for today (create quick add buttons for all of your common / repeat meals)
  • Assign all tasks by priority or complexity to self
  • Perform bulk database maintenance operations – update statuses and dates, archive records, flag records for review or deletion… the applications for this are endless

What’s ahead

Notion is continuing development on this feature. There are some enhancements that I am already looking forward to. Fingers crossed that these suggestions make the cut! 🤞🏻

  • Selectively apply a template to new database records. Note, if this is allowed for existing records also, it could open up whole new possibilities for bulk applying templates and icons to records!
  • Support for relative dates
  • Support for dynamic math functions
  • Ability to execute formulas
  • Ability to reference container page properties (that the button lives within)

How will you use the new enhanced buttons to supercharge your workflows? 🤔

Read the official Notion guide for buttons


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