Customize Database Property and View Icons

Yet more news from the Notion-verse this morning! We are now able to customize the icons that display for both database properties and views! Aside from this giving us more control over the visual aesthetic of our Notion workspaces, being able to customize the icons can be very useful with the navigation of large databases that may have many properties. For example, I have a database that contains over 100 properties with many rollups and formulas. Now, rather than seeing the default icons (the magnifying glass and formula icons), I can customize them to indicate what the property actually means instead of just what type it is. This is incredibly helpful to be able to visually distinguish between properties!

Note: at this time we are able to add icons only (not emojis) and icons will display in the default grey color.

Here’s how to add custom properties easily

  1. Click on the property or view
  2. Select “Rename” (or “Edit”)
  3. Click on the default icon
  4. Search for and select a new icon from Notion’s new catalog of custom icons

To restore the default icon

  1. Click on the property or view
  2. Select “Rename” (or “Edit”)
  3. Click on the icon
  4. Select “Remove”

Read more about this new feature on Notion What’s New


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